Nonprofit Faith-Based Organization in St Peter, MN

A tradition of giving back and looking forward.

As a Benedictine Living Community, we’re guided by a distinct set of core values — Hospitality, Stewardship, Respect and Justice. These four elements become our guiding principles across all aspects of our faith-based organization. And that’s perhaps nowhere more important than in the ongoing philanthropic efforts of our foundation.

Thanks to the continued support of generous people like you, we’re able to enhance the quality of life for our residents through a variety of ongoing strategic goals. If you’re interested in directing your contribution to one of these particular endeavors, please indicate your interest on our donation form. We wish to thank you in advance for your support of our campus.

Our Wish List:

  • Supporting our music therapy program
  • Patio furniture for neighborhood patios
  • Neighborhood beautification — wall hangings and décor

Every gift truly makes a difference. We thank you in advance for supporting our mission of caring for others.

Call (507)-934-2203 or get in touch using the form on this page to learn more about the charitable impact of our faith-based senior living community.