Nonprofit Faith-Based Organization in Bismarck, ND

A tradition of giving back and looking forward.

As a Benedictine living community, we’re guided by a distinct set of core values — Hospitality, Stewardship, Respect and Justice. These four elements become our guiding principles across all aspects of our faith-based organization. And that’s perhaps nowhere more important than in the ongoing philanthropic efforts of our foundation.

Benedictine Living Community-Bismarck wants to create a comfortable, accessible outdoor gathering space and bring joy and all the health benefits to those who live here. Do you know that even a short visit outdoors can improve mood, lower blood pressure, improve stability and enhance sleep for older adults? Time outside also stimulates the senses and mind, which can improve memory.

With the support of generous donors like you, Benedictine will be able to make this happen. Thank you for choosing to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Call (701)-751-4224 or get in touch using the form on this page to learn more about the charitable impact of our faith-based senior living community.