Adult Day Care Services in Winona, MN

Take a little time to care for yourself

For family caregivers, time is a precious thing. Let Benedictine adult day care in Winona, MN, give you some time … time to get things done, time for appointments, time to rest and recharge.

We provide quality adult day care programs for older adults with health care, personal and/or social needs. Benedictine Adult Day Center offers a wide variety of health and personal care services for your loved one, as well as meaningful social activities, companionship, and nutritious meals and snacks. Our highly trained professional staff provides an atmosphere that encourages maximum independence, social interaction, and maintenance of satisfactory health for every guest.

Benedictine Adult Day Center offers support in the form of respite care, as well as the opportunity to consult with service providers regarding concerns for your family member’s care.

For your peace of mind, Benedictine adult day care in Winona, MN, is licensed by the state of Minnesota and provides:

  • A compassionate, caring staff trained to care for adults with special needs ranging from development differences to dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Hot, nutritious meals with special diets prepared upon physician’s orders
  • A team of qualified staff on-site for medical emergencies
  • Professional staff assessments and services for occupational, physical, and/or speech therapy
  • A regular review of guest records by a registered nurse to assure your loved one’s needs are met
  • Access to spiritual services and pastoral counseling upon request
  • Appointments for on-site services such as beauty salon/barbershop or whirlpool usage
  • Assistance with arranging transportation

For more information about the types of adult day care we provide, please call 507-457-3810 or fill out the Connect with Us form on this or any page.