Nonprofit Faith-Based Organization in Minneapolis, MN

A tradition of giving back and looking forward.

As a Benedictine Living Community, we’re guided by a distinct set of core values — Hospitality, Stewardship, Respect and Justice. These four elements become our guiding principles across all aspects of our faith-based organization. And that’s perhaps nowhere more important than in the ongoing philanthropic efforts of our Foundation.

A gift in memoriam is a lasting gift that will honor the memory of a loved one. Simply include Benedictine Senior Living–Minneapolis as a possible recipient of a memorial gift in any communications. As contributions come to us, we provide a list to the family of each friend who remembered their family member with a donation. It’s a loving and valuable way to share in the memories.

Call (612)-879-2800 or get in touch using the form on this page to learn more about the charitable impact of our faith-based senior living community.