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Assumption Community, Cold Spring, Minn., transfer of membership to Benedictine completed

With song and prayer, Minnesota-based Benedictine welcomed Assumption Community, a senior living community in Cold Spring, Minn., to its family of senior living communities. ; var meta = [true,true,false,"Read More","25",false]; var load_more_text = "Load More"; var button = e['currentTarget']; var postsSection = jQuery(button).parent('section'); var postsWrap = jQuery('#b-ajax-posts-wrap-1145842599'); console.log(recent_posts_total); var postStart = jQuery(button).attr('data-start'); var postEnd = jQuery(button).attr('data-end'); var postStartUpdated = parseInt(postStart) + parseInt(field_offset); var postEndUpdated = parseInt(postEnd) + parseInt(field_offset); console.log(recent_posts_IDs); var trimmedPosts = recent_posts_IDs.slice(postStartUpdated, postEndUpdated); console.log(trimmedPosts); ajax_posts_ajax_url, { // this is the AJAX action we set up in PHP 'action': 'ajax_posts_show_more', 'post_id': ajax_posts_field_post_id, 'nonce': ajax_posts_field_nonce, 'meta': meta, 'recent_posts_IDs': trimmedPosts }, function (json) { // add content to container // this ID must match the containter // you want to append content to jQuery(postsWrap).append(json['content']); jQuery(button).removeClass('loading'); jQuery(postsWrap).removeClass('loading'); jQuery(button).text(load_more_text); jQuery(postsWrap).children("article:not(.loaded)").each(function(index, value){ jQuery(this).addClass('loaded'); }); }, 'json' ); jQuery(button).attr('data-start', postStartUpdated); jQuery(button).attr('data-end', postEndUpdated); jQuery(button).addClass('loading'); jQuery(postsWrap).addClass('loading'); jQuery(button).text('Loading ...'); if(postEndUpdated >= recent_posts_total){ postEndUpdated = parseInt(recent_posts_total) ; jQuery(button).hide(); } }
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