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Easter Reflection: Beginning again in God’s love

Our challenging Lenten Journey – “from the bondage of false gods, into the freedom ‘of being [the] loving, healthy human beings’ God creates and loves us into being” – is over, as

“Christ is risen!”    “He is risen indeed!”

A famous line near the end of St. Benedict’s Rule essentially says, “always we begin again.” (Chapter 71) The chance to start over again in this life is remarkable, and not to be taken for granted. In the Christian Faith, we recognize God’s love is at its center.

Is there hope for new beginnings?

I’m reminded of a resident I knew who was well into her eighties when she moved into the Care Center where I worked. A new widow who had lived a hard life, she was meek and quiet, seemed sad, and was listless like a wilted flower.

Day after day, night after night, and week upon week, Care Center staff and residents warmed her with their love and care. Over time, she blossomed. Her smile, like a bright yellow Daisy, lit up the room! Her laughter, just as beautiful, gave instant joy!

A few years later at her memorial service, her son and daughter couldn’t stop thanking the staff for bringing their mother back to life, saying that her last years were probably her best!

There is hope for new beginnings. Its name is Love.

“Christ is risen!”    “He is risen indeed!”

On Easter, we joyfully celebrate with each other God’s love and the gift of new beginnings. And we are encouraged and re-invigorated to put the love of God and the love of our neighbor before all else, in our work, in our personal lives, in all of life. May God bless us, and others through us, as we begin again in love!

Rev. J. Scott Cartwright, Benedictine director, spiritual care