Senior Rehabilitation and Senior Health Care in New Brighton, MN

Helping you get back to you.

When surgery, illness or injury keeps you from doing the things you enjoy, senior rehabilitation services at At Benedictine Living Community–New Brighton can help speed your recovery. Inpatient short-term senior care and rehabilitation help individuals recovering from hospital stays for complex medical issues such as stroke, injury, or even elective surgeries who need 24-hour care in a fully equipped senior rehabilitation center.

For those recovering from surgery or injury and able to live at home, we also offer outpatient therapy sessions in our New Brighton, MN, senior rehabilitation center.

In either case, the goal of our professional, caring staff is to help the individual recover independence, move confidently, communicate effectively, and manage activities of daily life with little to no assistance.

Our short-term care neighborhood is located directly off the main entrance on Black Oak Drive right next to our therapy gym. The post-acute rehab neighborhood offers:

  • Private rooms with a private bathroom including a shower
  • Telephone service, satellite television and secure wireless internet
  • Homelike living room with a computer, books and magazines, television, and toys for young visitors
  • Holy Spirit Chapel available for religious services and personal reflection
  • Spacious on-site beauty salon/barbershop is open three days a week
  • Mail and fax services available to meet your needs

Our approach to rehabilitation includes:

  • A coordinated interdisciplinary treatment plan that starts the day you arrive
  • Daily programming that can include a tailored mix of physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Individualized attention that helps maximize your independence with assistance focused around relearning the activities of daily life
  • Use of the latest rehabilitation equipment, technology, and treatment protocols to ensure you reach the highest level of functioning before you return home
  • Focused education and discharge planning designed to reduce the likelihood of rehospitalization
  • Additional outpatient or home care therapy, and follow-up services based on your individual needs

Call (651)-633-1686 or get in touch using the form on this page to learn more about the senior rehabilitation services available at our friendly community in the Twin Cities suburb of New Brighton, MN.

Physical therapy helps individuals regain strength, mobility and balance. Occupational therapy is aimed at improving an individual’s ability to perform everyday tasks and adapt to their physical environment. Speech therapy seeks to improve or restore the ability to communicate verbally and to enhance eating or swallowing skills.

A team including a doctor, nurse, social worker, dietitian and therapists can provide care, guide your rehabilitation process, and work in partnership with you and your family members.

When you’ve experienced a significant or life-threatening injury or illness, major surgery, or an emergency trauma, your physician may prescribe short-term inpatient rehabilitation to assist in your recovery. For more information, read our blog posts, Short-Term Rehabilitation: A Closer Look and When Is Short-Term Rehabilitation Needed?

Medicare does provide coverage for inpatient rehabilitation. Your individual coverage and costs will depend upon the circumstances of your admission. For more information, visit the Medicare website.

When an injury, illness or surgery has compromised some of your functional abilities, but you are still healthy enough to live at home, your physician may prescribe outpatient rehabilitation. To learn more, read our blog posts, Outpatient Rehab: A Closer Look and When Is Outpatient Rehab Needed?

Medicare does provide coverage for outpatient rehabilitation. Coverage details for specific types of therapy can be found on the website: