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When is short-term rehabilitation needed?

Physicians prescribe short-term rehabilitation when they deem it necessary to a patient’s successful recovery. Hospitalization for any of the following medical conditions is likely to result in a physician recommending short-term rehab:

  • Life-threatening injury or illness
  • Major surgery
  • Significant injury or emergency trauma

Older adults often do not recover as quickly or thoroughly after any of these conditions. A 2003 study concludes that “clinicians must closely monitor the functional status of their older patients, especially the more elderly ones.” Many of the seniors in the study were less able to “care for themselves after being in the hospital than before the illness that caused their hospitalization.” Short-term rehab can help increase independence, mobility and strength after a hospital stay.

Consult your physician about the need for short-term rehabilitation. Extensive planning and the involvement of a multi-skilled team are paramount to the successful recovery of a patient’s independence.

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