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Two Generations of Volunteers

Mother with daughter on her lap next to a pumpkin craft.Meet Ella and Amy Madsen, a mother and daughter duo bringing their best to Benedictine Health Center. Together they help with crafts and activities with the residents.

When asked about how it is working with your mom/daughter, Ella says, “It is fun! My mom helps to teach me how to work with people.” Mom, Amy, says, “I really enjoy being able to spend time with Ella in our community. It’s heart-warming to see the relationships between the residents and Ella form and develop.”

Embracing Volunteerism: Making a Meaningful Impact

Volunteerism by definition is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labor, often for community service. Ella and Amy are here because they wanted to find a way to contribute in their community, so they looked at some options nearby. Benedictine was very welcoming and offered a variety of ways they could be involved.

They like their work, which is a gift. Ella enjoys helping people and doing activities together because it is fun. Amy finds it rewarding to be able to spend time with elders in our community. The joy on the resident’s faces is visible, especially when Ella walks in the room. “They are so appreciative of us coming to visit and spending time with them,” says Amy.

In her spare time Ella likes to read, draw, lay in her hammock, play at Chester Bowl, rock climb, mountain bike, swim and theater. Amy is a runner, likes to garden, read and spend time with her family.

Finding Fulfillment in Service

Why do they enjoy the work? Ella appreciates the people at Benedictine because they are nice. Amy feels Benedictine has been a great environment for them to be involved and build relationships in the community.

Benedictine Living Community-Duluth is grateful for their gift of service.