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The SUMMIT Features Marie Heinitz During the Mother’s Day Month of May

Marie grew up in a small town in southwestern Minnesota called Mt. Lake on a farm and went to country school.  Marie’s lifelong love of coffee began at age 5 thanks to the family rule that you had to “milk cows to enjoy coffee”.  Needless to say Marie started milking very early on.


After 8th grade country school many kids during the era were done with formal education.  Marie’s father didn’t want her to go to the 4-5 miles to town to high school thinking it was a waste of time.  But Marie looked at it differently.  She either walked or rode horse to make the daily journey. Her last two years of school they started a bus service so it was much easier.


Marie worked at a creamery in high school that served ice cream.  Marie recalls the best part of that job was a free daily dish of the treat.


Marie married shortly after high school, the “most handsome boy from her church, Jack Heinitz”.  They started a family shortly after and had 2 boys and 2 girls.  Marie was a mom and housewife while her kids were growing up.  She started her work life when her youngest daughter Jan (Aamoth) was in 1st grade.  Marie loved working with numbers and was a book-keeper first for the telephone company and later for a manufacturing company.  Marie truly enjoyed having a career.


Marie is a devoted Mom and Grandma. She has 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.  She has a selfless love that shines to all her family, friends and even strangers.  Healthy living is a priority for Marie.  She is an exerciser and walked 2-3 miles a day until she was 90.  One of her favorite SUMMIT activities is the exercise class.


The most important thing in Marie’s life has been her relationship with Jesus. Daughter Jan stated, “My mom has been a faithful servant and student to her Savior.  She taught Sunday School and Adult Bible classes. She took the training of the Bethel Series of Bible Study and devoted hundreds of hours of study and teaching of the Bible to others. She has always been an inspiration, we are so very proud of her!”


The Summit has been a place of friendship for Marie with many tenants and staff.  Jan noted, “She is particularly lucky to be with her granddaughter who is the SUMMIT Housing Manager, Cassie (Rudie).  One can often find Marie with her friends in the lounge area just in view of Cassie working at her desk.” Jan assists in the Activity Department and great-granddaughter Mackenzie was a summer student volunteer.  Marie is very well known for her beautiful smile and concern for others, “I have had life quite good” she assuredly stated as she made her way with friends to the café.


Article submitted by Benedictine Living Community-Crookston with the assistance of Marie’s daughter Jan Aamoth.  During the month of May, The SUMMIT AL is highlighting tenants who have children/grandchildren/greatgrandchildren who work at Benedictine.