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On the Go

While many embrace the quiet pace of retirement, Curtis Jones marches or runs to a different drum. Whether Curtis is out on a planned run through the neighborhood, moving to the beat of his exercise routine, helping a friend or staff member, his days are filled with a flurry of activities that breathe life into our community.
Curtis is the one you see delivering newspapers and internal mail, watering plants, moving furniture for special events, meeting the delivery trucks at the loading dock and more. Curtis works hard for the benefit of the whole community, always with a smile and words of greeting. He even has a flatbed cart with his name on it! When you ask Curtis what he loves about living at Westwood, his heartfelt reply is, “Everything I do around here!”

A Generous Heart

Curtis speaks with warmth and pride about his family. He credits his sister for beautifully decorating his apartment and cherishes his leisure time fishing or lounging on a pontoon at the cabin. He lives by a simple, generous rule on the water, “You keep the fish! You took me out and showed me a good time; you keep the fish!”
A very special letter of thanks came to him from the President of the University of Minnesota, acknowledging his 34 years of service in their Food Service department. He tells of students he encouraged to be the best they could be. He held them to the same high standards he holds himself to, and this resulted – for some – in better grades and even scholarships.
If you see him as he is pushing his cart full of deliveries down the hall, make sure to tell Curtis thank you for everything he does as he helps to make this a sweet place to call home!