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Marilyn Clauson Featured Summit Tenant

The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services treasures the life experiences of our tenants.

If you are looking to catch up with Marilyn Clauson, well good luck to you.  She may be visiting with one of her 5 very attentive children in her cozy Summit apartment, or welcoming a new tenant in the Dining Room. “She is like the Welcome Wagon here, with a gift of making others feel at ease and amongst friends.” States Cindy Meyer, LPN Team Leader.  And if it is afternoon coffee time, she is often at the card table amidst a room full of card sharks, laughter, conversation and knocking knuckles to signify the hand is played.


Early Years 

Mrs. Clauson was born in Crookston, the only child born to 40 year old parents who thought they would never have children.   Sadly, her mother died when Marilyn was just 9 years old at which time she went to live with an Aunt while her father worked hard and long hours as the Head Baker at Medvids Bakery in town and then for the railroad in California.   Marilyn went to school at St. Joseph’s Academy with a “nice bunch of Catholic kids”.  The business classes, especially typing and shorthand were her favorites. Marilyn considered herself a tomboy and loved sports of all kinds growing up.  She graduated in 1949 with a class of 13 people.  “I went to California after graduation to see where my dad worked in the winters for the railroad and to look around. A very fun trip for me.”

Marilyn met her husband at the roller rink “On Sundays you could hardly get a ticket in.  I met Lloyd when he was home from the navy as a gunner.  I was a junior in high school and we started dating.  That is where many of us girls met our spouses.” She notes with a smile.  She was married at 21 and went on to have 6 children, four boys and two girls.  She describes the sadness of losing a daughter at the young age of 43 from diabetes, “Family keeps you going”.


Professional, Wife and Mother 

Marilyn began her career at the Crookston Clinic when it was located over the former Eagle Drug.  When her first child came, she took a break for about 10-12 years to raise her kids; then went on to Medical Records at Riverview.  Marilyn was always so thankful her Mother-in-law babysat for her over the years. “I enjoyed every minute of my work. We were all so close.  And Bonnie Holmquist was our Director, the most wonderful and beautiful woman and leader you could hope for. I am so blessed to have felt love and care both from my family and my work all of my life.”

Home was busy; raising children while working full time but there were family meals on the table with meatloaf and hotdish considered family favorites.   Saturdays were also busy with baking and laundry. A good game of rummy with family was a memorable weekend evening pastime.  “While there was always something between home and work, I found it important and worthwhile, I enjoyed it all.”


Summit Tenant, Friend of all

“I am happy to be here (at The Summit) and so happy to be in my hometown amongst my family and friends”.  States Marilyn.   Cindy Meyer adds, “And the Summit is thankful for Marilyn, who brings her spirit of positivity and welcoming spirit to us all.”