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Lois Brooks enjoys life at the Summit and visits from Skye

The SUMMIT Senior Apartments with Assisted Living Services treasures the life experiences of our tenants.

Lois Brooks  just has a way with the visiting dogs at Benedictine. “It is fun to get to pet the dogs! I LOVE my girl Chewy.  She is just a peach and I look forward to visiting my son every Sunday to see her.  She is a Cocker Spaniel and so good!” Lois shares a picture on her phone and points out in her bedroom a Chewy toy animal look-alike, carefully wrapped in a blanket.  “She is always close to my heart”.

Life in Crookston

Lois was an only child, born and raised here in Crookston.  Her mom worked for Peterson Biddick candling eggs and her dad at the Railroad Depot. Lois married at 16 years old.  “My husband’s name was Lawrence but everyone called him Buddy.  He worked at the local Creamery, and then the AC, or the Ag College which is now UMC.  He then spent over 19 years as a police officer while I raised eight kids.  Six boys and two girls.  Life was always fun and busy”.  Lois said her kids are involved in a variety of occupations including being a Pastor, Principal and Crystal Sugar employee.

Lois speaks of the joy of days gone by.  “I shared a garden with my mother-in-law.  We were so busy canning tomatoes, beet pickles and dill pickles too.  The kitchen was a busy place at our house.  We had meals as a family. Everyone liked a good hotdish”.

Lois enjoys staying busy

Lois still obviously has a green thumb as her plants flourish in her cheerful apartment.  “I stay busy embroidering too.  I made 32 pillowcases one Christmas.”

Despite her involvement with family and friends, Lois somehow still has time to stay up on the latest sporting events.  “My boys played football and the youngest wrestled.  I enjoy basketball on TV and of course the Twins and Vikings.”  And if there is a good western on TV, especially starring the Duke (John Wayne) Lois just might be taking it in.

“I like my life here.  The activities are fun and I am happy to get a little help with things. I like to go to Bingo twice a week and play cards daily.  Plus it is fun to see a movie now and then.  It is a good place to call home and it’s right here in Crookston.”