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Jennie Mason, Sister Claudia Riehl Living A Legacy honoree

Jennie Mason was recently honored for her commitment to the Benedictine Mission and Core Values with the presentation of the 2023 Sister Claudia Riehl Living a Legacy award.

For nearly 20 years, Sister Claudia Riehl, OSB, dedicated endless energy and countless hours of time, as well as her valuable knowledge and expertise, to further the Benedictine Mission and Core Values.  As a leader in the Benedictine mission integration department, her presence and leadership guided the development of the ministry and culture. In 2011, the Benedictine Foundation launched the Sister Claudia Riehl Living a Legacy recognition program to continue Sister Claudia’s efforts and recognize those associates who model her commitment to the Mission.

Barb Narvaez, TMA, and Jennifer Reitmeier, HR director, both veteran associates, described Jennie with the same words, “She consistently goes above and beyond for all she cares for!” They went on to describe her exceptional commitment to those she cares for. “She has worked in many capacities and did each one of them spectacularly.  She gives everyone the spa treatment.” Narvaez added, “She is a joy to work with and has a strong work ethic being flexible and willing to do whatever is needed.”

“We are so thankful for Jennie and so proud to see her shine on stage at the Leadership Conference while being featured with Jerry Carley, Benedictine president/CEO, for his CEO Town Hall,” said Lindsay Erdman, executive director. “She shared from the heart about the joy and love she herself receives from those she so expertly cares for. We all were in awe. Jennie is such a gift to us;  and when her dog Bentley comes the day becomes that much more special.”

Previous recipients include: 2011 Bonnie Munn, 2012 Alice Drew, 2013 Roxanne Goulet, 2014 Rick Solheim, 2015 Peggy Wangen, 2016 Nancy Moser, 2017 Teresa Persson, 2018 Judith Meyer, 2019 Tammy Parkin, 2020 Jon Myrold, 2021 Nicole Volker and 2022 Ashley Kraft.