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Benedictine Joins Other Catholic Health Care Systems in Making Comprehensive Commitment to Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity

Benedictine has joined with the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) and 22 of the nation’s largest Catholic health care systems in a new initiative to confront racism by achieving health equity.

The commitment to the Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity initiative will work to confront systemic racism by prioritizing equity in response to COVID-19; enacting change across their own health care systems by examining and changing hiring, promotion and retention practices to ensure diversity and inclusion; forming stronger partnerships with communities of color to improve health outcomes; and leveraging their united and powerful voice to advocate for policy changes that address the root causes of racism and social injustice.

“The sense of community is a defining characteristic of Benedictine,” said Jerry Carley, Benedictine president/CEO. “Community comes from our shared experiences that shapes our lives, joins us together and gives us unity and peace. We remember that with the vastness of our interdependent world, we are still one family. We stand strong in solidarity as we relate to each other with dignity, care and respect.

“I am proud and honored and – together with my colleague CEOs – to have signed on to this ministry-wide initiative to create a more just world now and into the future.” Collectively, Benedictine and the other Catholic health organizations that have signed CHA’s Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity pledge employ nearly a half million people across 46 states and the District of Columbia and care for almost four million patients annually. Learn more at www.wearecalled.org #WeAreCalledUS.