Basic Care for Seniors in Wahpeton, North Dakota

Just the care you need for the independence you want.

Similar to the care provided in assisted living communities, the state of North Dakota licenses communities to provide basic care in Wahpeton, ND, to those who qualify. At Benedictine Living Community-Wahpeton, we provide long-term care and assistance with activities of daily living based on our values of Hospitality, Stewardship, Respect and Justice. We also create a customized medical care plan that follows your individual needs and preferences to promote the highest level of independence possible.

“The staff treat me like a queen, with lots of respect, care and love.”


-Beth Cole, Basic Care tenant at Siena Court

For more information about basic care in Wahpeton, ND, including direct admission, please call (701) 642-4605.

Learn more about basic care at Benedictine Living Community-Wahpeton.