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Nursing Home Week

Leader:    Good and gracious Lord, You provide warmth and shelter

                 to all those who are alone, tired, and weary.


All:  Bless (Community Name) as it provides

         a dwelling place which strives to

         live out the joy of the Gospel in this community.

Bless its nursing and caretaking staff

         who by their generous service, establish and support

         a respectful and hospitable sense of place.

Bless those skilled craftsmen and laborers,

         who by the work of their hands,

         through all sorts of weather

         constructed this home for the elderly.

Bless those who volunteer their time in a variety of ways;

         we are grateful for their generous spirit.

Be with those who live here, their families, friends and loved ones.

May their gift of years be an example of wisdom,

         humility, and charity as they take rest

         after years of dedicated service and work.

May (Community Name) continue to be a home for many,

         a place where love exists and peace reigns.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord, our God,

You are the firm foundation of our lives.

We thank You for the joy, peace, and hospitality

     modeled in our caring community.

May our community flourish through its residents,

     nurses, and staff who are united by Your presence every day.

We are blessed to have shelter, food, warmth, and wonderful care

     when there are many who go without such things.

May Your love shine on this community today and every day,

     so we might come to know more fully,

     the home which we are all seeking.


My shelter, my stronghold, my God in whom I trust.

Lord, striving daily towards Your kingdom,

     we praise You with joyful hearts for the gift of Your Son, Jesus.

Through his perfect love, we are blessed with this beautiful home.

May it continue to provide a place of rest, peace, and joy for our elderly.

May we be a witness of stewardship, respect, and hospitality

     to all who dwell here, for all who are tired and sick.

With grateful hearts, we celebrate the gift of this community in our lives,

     and continue to pray for a world where everyone

     may come to discover a home where love resides.


Lord, upon rock, You built the foundations of your Church.

As we celebrate Nursing Home Week amongst our communities,

     may we continue to spread to all who visit here

     the mercy of Your Son, Jesus Christ,

     grounded in the human family You created.

May we celebrate the wisdom of those

     who are residents of our community,

     filled by their experience and values of age.

May we be grateful of the generous

     and dedicated service of nurses and staff,

     who make all of this possible.

In Christ, we build our foundation in your Name.