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When is independent living needed?

Independent living can be an ideal choice when you’re in good health, able to take care of yourself and want to live a more fulfilling, worry-free lifestyle that gives you a long-term plan.

Independent living is the right choice if you’re looking for:

  • Freedom from the hassles of homeownership and home maintenance
  • Security of knowing your future health needs will be met
  • Opportunities to meet new people and try new things

Anecdotal evidence suggests that, while there are many considerations in making the decision to move from family home to independent living, one of the most common precipitating factors is home maintenance. Repairs, lawn maintenance, cleaning — for many, these responsibilities get in the way of more fulfilling adventures makes independent living the highly desirable alternative.

In addition, seniors who feel isolated or lonely in their homes will often find that they thrive in an environment that is rich with neighbors, activities, events and socialization.

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