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Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Independent Living

Moving to an independent living community can be a challenging and emotional time. If you or a loved one has recently transitioned from living at home to a senior living community, there are ways to help make the process easier and less stressful.

In this blog, learn five of our top tips for a smooth transition to independent living, and discover some of the ways Benedictine Living Community-At The Shrine offers support to its newest residents.

Tips for Settling In After A Move to Independent Living

1. Bring Items of Importance to Your New Home

If you’re moving from your own home, chances are that you’ll need to downsize during your transition to independent living. This can be an overwhelming process, so make sure you line up family or friends to assist you. Senior move managers are also a valuable resource to consider if you need to downsize, as they can guide you through decisions on what is best to bring with you.

As you decide what to bring, find items and furniture that mean the most to you and provide you with warm memories. Surround yourself with your own belongings and home decor to make your new home feel more comforting. Typically, the marketing and sales team at your senior living community will provide support with your move and can connect you with services for a seamless transition.

2.Learn About the Activities and Amenities Offered

Here at Benedictine Living Community–At The Shrine, a staff member plans a meeting after a new resident moves in to share information about amenities, services, activities, and socialization opportunities.

Take some time to learn what your community offers, and look at the schedule of activities to see what interests you the most. Make a commitment to try a few of those activities after settling in. Participating in new things can help you meet friends and give you a sense of purpose and belonging in the community.

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3.Invite Your Friends and Family to Visit

Many senior living communities allow guests to stay with you or have available guest rooms. Try inviting your friends and family for a visit, a meal, or even an overnight stay. This will provide your loved ones with a glimpse of life in your new home.

If you have friends who are thinking about moving to independent living, this could be the perfect opportunity to show them what it’s like. They can see the different living options, sample the meals, and attend special events.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Meeting new people can be a bit scary at times, but everyone goes through it at some point in their lives and can usually relate to the uneasiness you may be feeling. Don’t be afraid to get to know your new neighbors and find out what they enjoy doing.

Many senior living communities like Benedictine have welcome committees of residents and staff members to help with introductions and acclimations. The welcome committee may have you complete a questionnaire sharing a little about yourself. The group may also invite you to join them for meals or special events. This is a wonderful way for people to get to know you a little better and find common ground, backgrounds, and experiences to share.

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5. Allow Yourself Time to Adjust

Any move or change in life can be difficult, but moving to senior living is especially hard. You may be moving from a home you’ve lived in for decades and had to part with items you’d kept for a long time.

It’s necessary to allow yourself time to adjust to your new space and life. Remember that you’ll be living near many other residents who’ve had similar experiences, which could be a good source of advice and encouragement when coping with the tough days.

Interested in Benedictine Living Community-At The Shrine?

At Benedictine, we believe that transitioning to independent living is an adventure, and we go out of our way to make it as exciting and uplifting an experience as possible. We want you to look forward to this next chapter as much as we do.

We are a lively, diverse community that honors the spirit of each resident. Contact us today at 618-394-6400 to schedule a visit or for more information.