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Reflection for Easter

It is a gift to Christians in the northern hemisphere that Easter lands in spring time. From death to resurrection and from frozen earth to earth alive, spring offers a wonderful reflection of Easter belief.

Yet, some of our Benedictine and partner senior living communities in various regions aren’t so blessed this Easter. Tornado damage in our southern region and feet of snow in our northern region seriously delay an experience of a glorious Spring for many.

So it is often with our lives. Throughout any given year, the religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity give words and ritual to core beliefs, but sometimes the circumstances of our lives will not easily correspond with the beliefs we are lifting up in our churches, synagogues and mosques.

For those of you whose lives are currently carrying burdens of grief and loss, of sickness or hardship, of undue stress or anxiety, the song of an “Alleluia” may not come easily to your tongue. But please take heart. Beneath the frozen ground and frozen spirits, a mighty thaw awaits. Beyond broken branches and broken hearts, a sturdy love longs to hold us. Following a long winter in earth or soul, new life will spring forth.

May the promise of a love that is stronger than even death itself take root in you, regardless of the weather outside or within!

Happy Easter!

Jim Smith, Benedictine director, mission integration