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Outpatient rehab: A closer look

After an injury, surgery, accident or illness, some adults and seniors need therapeutic treatment to recover abilities and restore independence. Outpatient rehabilitation provides a range of services designed to help each person overcome physical challenges and return to full function.

With outpatient rehab, the patient can reside at home, avoid hospital bills and live a relatively normal life while receiving needed treatment.

The three types of rehabilitation therapy are:

  • Physical therapy — recover range of motion, build strength and relieve pain
  • Speech therapy — relearn communication skills after a stroke or brain injury
  • Occupational therapy — prepare to resume regular activities and a normal routine after illness or injury

Outpatient rehab services are delivered by professionals who tailor a therapy program to individual needs. Treatment may range from one to three hours per day, two or three days per week, with constant monitoring. People who commit to and follow through with outpatient rehab invariably report at least limited success toward their rehabilitation goals.

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