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Otto Bremer Trust Raises Benedictine-Crookston to New Heights

Benedictine Living Community-Crookston (BLC-C) received a $50,000 capital grant from the Otto Bremer Trust (OBT) to update the service elevator between the main Summit and Villa care center buildings.  The Summit Assisted Living was formally the Board & Care, and previously St. Francis Hospital constructed which was constructed in 1950.

Executive Officer Lindsey Erdman praised the partnership between BLC-C and the OBT.  “The Otto Bremer Trust has made impactful investments in our Mission over the years.  They have helped us fund this crucially important project of updating our service elevator which links our buildings together, allowing people to attend activities and maintain relationships throughout the buildings and provides flow for our departments.  Over the years the Otto Bremer Grant has made possible many different projects including our new call light system, many ceiling lifts, and room updates and equipment to accommodate our growing population.   Every dollar helps us sustain during these very difficult days with multiple closures seen across the state.” Explains Erdman.

Cassie Rudie, Foundation Director commented how the overall Elevator Project costs have substantially raised even during fundraising; with a current price tag of $825,000.  “To be able to secure $50,000 from the Bremer Trust allowed us to move forward with Phase 1 completing the service elevator. That important elevator is used on average 266 times a day transporting food, laundry, maintenance supplies and associates so care can be delivered 24/7.  Then consider the many Summit Tenants traveling back and forth to chapel and recreational activities and that elevator is always on the go.”

The elevator has been in service for many decades with an average of around 100,000 ‘ups and downs’ a year.  Phase 2 is currently in progress on the remaining two Summit elevators.  Updates will include new mechanicals and operating panels to ensure safe and reliable elevator services for all 5 levels.

“Thank you to all those that have contributed so GENEROUSLY towards this elevator project.  Your gift will make a difference for decades to come.” Summarized Rudie.