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One Pot Meals

Sarah standing in the Stanbrook Monastery kitchen
Sarah in the new Stanbrook Monastery kitchen.

Soups and chili are a few of the favorite dishes of Sarah Wingate. Sarah combines many things into her job just like her meals. She is the culinary sous chef for Benedictine Health Center (BHC) and for the Sisters of the St. Scholastica Monastery. In her role she manages the day-to-day business of running the BHC and the Stanbrook Monastery kitchens. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, creating menus, scheduling staff, overseeing that the food is prepared correctly and it tastes good.

But just like a one pot dish, it is more than that. It is about making sure our residents and the Sisters stay healthy and strong with good nutrition. Sarah makes sure the elements of the meals work together as she believes, “Sharing a well-presented meal with someone provides more than nutrition, it provides a social experience.”

Teamwork is the Secret Ingredient for a Well-Made Meal

While socialization comes from the meals she and her team prepare, working with her peers is socialization too. She enjoys her team-mates and the family vibe of the group. “We get along, work well as a team and have each other’s backs,” she added.

Working with the Sisters is also an honor to Sarah. She said, “The Sisters are so nice, they are thankful and compassionate. We are working with them, not for them. They make for a great day on the job, plus the new Stainbrook kitchen is beautiful.”

Combining the socialization of residents, Sisters and the team, it is like making her favorite dish…a one pot meal.