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Helping Others is Healthy

Marywood CNA, Maren Pedersen, came to Duluth from Stillwater, MN. Her goal was to finish her nursing degree in a place where she could physically keep healthy through her passion of hiking, camping and roller blading in the beauty of our northland surroundings.

Maren also finds it healthy to help others. “When I was younger, I would help my mom to deliver Meals on Wheels. This program introduced me to working with seniors, which I really enjoy,” she shared. One memorable experience happened when Maren’s high school teacher asked the class if anyone might be interested in helping a 92-year-old man from the community to mow his lawn. Maren said, “I really felt called to do this.” It turned out to be more than a lawn job. Ray and Maren became friends. He would share countless stories about Stillwater and plants, especially milkweed plants and the beautiful Monarch butterflies around them. He asked if she would use his Nikon camera to photograph the butterflies. He loved her photos so much and told her she had a special talent. Before he passed, as a gift for her birthday, he gave her a camera just like his. “It is very special to me,” she said.

Traveling is also something Maren enjoys. She has experienced the culture of faraway places like Australia, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala and other South and Central American countries. In the spirit of helping, she went to Peru on a college medical trip and helped many people there as well.

Your hands have helped so many. Stay healthy and keep up the great work, Maren.