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Free “Community Connections” Program Now Available to Local Seniors

community connections crookston

Crookston, MN – COVID – 19 has many seniors living in isolation and unable to stay socially connected as they have in the past. In light of the pandemic and recognizing the impact it has had on seniors in Crookston and the surrounding areas, Benedictine Living Community – Crookston, The SUMMIT is implementing a new “Community Connections” program as a free service for local seniors. There is no cost to participate. It is simply a way to have another personal connection, like those you might have with a neighbor or friend.

The “Community Connections” program will offer friendship during a time when it’s difficult to socialize. Once a month, the senior will receive a call from a SUMMIT representative for the purpose of having a friendly phone conversation. The conversation topics, while not for clinical or medical purposes, will be focused on the social and mental well-being of the senior.

It’s a great time to launch our new program. There are many older adults who have felt alone and isolated in their homes due to the pandemic, along with many other reasons.

We’re excited to be able to reach out and continue to take care of our community by letting seniors know we care and they’re not forgotten.

The program has no end date, and any senior from Crookston and the surrounding area can sign up at any time. If you have questions or would like to sign up, or if a family member like to sign you up for the new “Community Connections” program, please call Cassie Rudie at 218-281-0761 for more information.