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Coming Full Circle

The “circle” started 21 years ago when Barb Healy was the first employee at Westwood Senior Apartments. “When the doors opened I was busy getting ready for the residents by dusting and cleaning windows,” she shared. She then became an aide to the residents.

Life took several twists and turns throughout the years and recently Barb spent some time in Benedictine Health Center’s Transitional Care Unit (TCU). It was shortly after that stay, she made the decision to make Westwood her home. At that time Westwood Independent Living apartments were full. She chose to take an assisted living apartment until the right apartment became available. It was just two months ago when the ideal independent apartment opened and she quickly made it her home along with her stunning ragdoll cat, Honeybee. Ragdoll cats are known for their distinct colorpoint coat and blue eyes.

On display in her home are several of her own paintings and vases. These paintings and vases are just some of Barb’s hobbies as she also makes jewelry. Barb shared, “The landscapes I paint, I learned from watching Bob Ross. His technique is very detailed and realistic.” By contrast, her contemporary vases and painting designs come from pouring acrylic paint on canvas or a vase, then taking a blow dryer or tipping the surface to create flow and abstract colorations.

When asked what she likes about living at Westwood, she quickly replied, “There is plenty to do like making new friends, hearing everyone’s different stories, singing and mentoring with the Victory Chorus, and more.” She also said, “The entire staff is so caring, compassionate and competent. I just couldn’t ask for anything more.”

It is a beautiful circle, thanks for sharing.