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Answering the Call

Ayeba Ifiei Emi, affectionately known as Iffy, has answered the call many times during her rich life.

Born and raised in Nigeria, she worked as an announcer for Radio Nigeria spinning the Top 20 Songs on the radio. She was kept current on the latest hits by the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees and more, which were overnighted from the US and Britain.

Almost 24 years old, Iffy answered the call to join fellow Nigerians to complete her education at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS). While at UWS she earned two degrees, one in mass communications and a second in advertising and public relations.

Just out of college, the Duluth News Tribune called her to cover the downtown beat. Her first     assignment was the 1989 army worm invasion. Then just a year later she was called to the Twin Cities to join the writing staff of Inside News, one of two African-American newspapers at the time. During her time in the Twin Cities, she met several interesting people including Governor Arnie Carlson and Senator Paul Wellstone.

Heading east, her next call was to Chicago to write for the magazine Afrique. And you got it, still moving east the call was to African Aboard in New York. Iffy spent three years in New York City and was in the city on 9/11. Iffy shared, “It was a very eerie experience.”

Called back to Superior, her favorite place, Iffy returned to care for people. Once learning of her return, her pastor called her specifically to help care for him and his wife. She was honored.

Iffy now has been called to Benedictine Health Center where she is a friend to many. She says she feels happy here. Iffy, we too are very happy you are here.